Luciform members kneeling before their glorious leader at the heart of their new castle.

Tonight, Luciform has claimed Calpheon Castle as their own for the Node War rehearsals! We got to experience some great fights over the week for a couple of Tier 3 Nodes as well. Luciform is still going strong with no intentions of stopping here, and we're looking forward to the day Node Wars go live!

Paladin_Katiya vs Sheld in the final round of the tournament.
Paladin_Katiya vs. Sheld in the final round of the tournament.

Yesterday we held our second public 1v1 tournament, hosted and shoutcasted by our officer Demised (DatDankDinkDoe). We ended up with over 200 viewers on Twitch, over 50 players showing up in person, and some really intense fights between our contestants! The winner was none other than the notorious Valkyrie from Veritas, Paladin_Katiya, who was also the winner of our previous tournament. You can review the winners of every round through the tournament bracket here. If you missed the tournament, or want to watch it again, be sure to catch the VOD on Twitch here!

Lastly, I'd like to give a shout out to everyone who participated. To all of the contestants who signed up and showed up, to the people who came to spectate, and to the officers who put together and managed the event: thank you! Without you, our event would not have been as successful or perhaps even exist.

Interested in signing up for the next tournament, or just knowing when it's going to happen? Be sure to follow Trice and Demised on the official BDO forums, and follow Demised on Twitch @! Trice or Demised will be posting a thread there roughly a week in advance, where everyone can review the tournament format and sign up. Alongside that thread, I'll also be posting a notice on here from now on, so you can also check out our front page for a link to the sign-up thread. We may even try out new rules and formats in the future, such as 3v3 or 5v5, depending on popular demand.

Still loving the game and all the features it brings; if interested in joining we are always recruiting and you can find our info and application on the site. We also recently organized an arena tournament that went quite well for a first run, with some pretty great matches and streaming/shoutcasting by our officer Demised (DatDankDinkDoe). We'll continue to organize and host events like this, along with fine-tuning them and also providing some variation (2v2, 3v3, 5v5 etc). Also, random guild scoreboard collage update from the depths of our salt mines and Agentile's screenshots:

Random GvG Update

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