Black Desert Information

Nym a posted Jan 3, 16

Black Desert Online is an MMO originally launched in Korea, yet also published in Japan, Russia, and soon (Q1 2016) North America. Each region has specific changes for that region's playerbase which surpass simple translation. BDO is a PvP-centric action-combo combat game with lots of other interesting features: examples include mount taming, breeding and mounted combat; hired laborers for gathering and crafting; an extremely extensive character customization process and housing system; player-built castles and castle sieges; GvG combat and territory ownership; an intuitive knowledge system where you literally learn about in-game things as you play; and much, much more. The amount of stuff in the game is actually overwhelming for quite a while, but in a great way.

The NA version will launch with seven classes: warrior, ranger, sorceress, berserker, valkyrie, wizard/witch, and tamer (subject to change, and some classes are gender-locked mirrors of others). The other versions have more classes, but ours will be limited to focus on other aspects of the game, such as balance. The additional classes will be added later, as the game progresses past launch in our region.

The game uses its own graphics engine, built specifically for BDO; it is beautiful, fluid, and quite well optimized, with combat being one of the best aspects of the game (as it should be!). While the game has PvE, such as open-world dungeons and roaming world bosses, nothing is instanced. Additionally, most of this is simply the kindling for small to large-scale PvP battles, which is really the focus of the game.

All in all, one could type pages and pages of content about the game. If you found this interesting, you can find more information from the sites in our “Useful Links” button on the top-right of our site. Also, many of our members are quite knowledgeable about the game, so feel free to reach out to us.